British-born Man Due to be Trialed By Jihadist Group in Syria


A self-declare aid worker in Syria reporting on live updates from the war-torn country and operating under the auspices of a militant jihadist group was detained last month amid rising repression of dissident elements.

The jihadist organisation that still occupies Idlib and other parts of north-western Syria declared that a British-born man who runs an online organisation will stand trial.

BBC cited a statement of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) – an Al Qaeda*-aligned militant group fighting against the Syrian government – saying that Tauqir “Tox” Sharif had been released on bail on request of his family and campaigners.

HTS is an alliance led by the former Syrian faction of al-Qaeda, previously known as ‘Al-Nusra Front’, and is a designated terrorist organisation by the UN, US, and others.

Sharif posted video on Thursday saying that he is thankful to be out and that he is “confident” the issue will be resolved soon. 

​Mr Sharif’s organisation – Live Updates From Syria – also uploaded a video Facebook showing him being welcomed home by supporters

“We pray Allah keeps him and his family safe and that he is cleared of all charges,” it added.

​Sharif, originally from east London, was detained in June by HTS and charged with funding “projects that incite division”.

Mr Sharif had previously been stripped of his citizenship by the UK government 2017 for being connected to an Al Qaeda-linked organisation.

Despite being entitled to Pakistani…

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