Multiple Offers, Little Acceptance: What Peace Deals Have Palestinians Rejected Throughout History?

Over the course of years, Palestinians have declined a number of international and Israeli initiatives aimed at bringing the conflict with the Jewish state to an end, earning themselves a reputation of a people who never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

Days before he needed to introduce his so-called “sovereignty bill” that presupposes the extension of Israeli law to parts of the West Bank, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on the Palestinians to sit down for talks in an attempt to bring peace to the region.

Sending a pre-recorded video addressed to the group “Christians United with Israel”, the prime minister said that his country was ready for negotiations and urged the Palestinians “not to waste another opportunity,” alluding to US President Donald Trump’s “deal of the century” peace initiative that presupposed the establishment of an independent Palestinian state in exchange for the disarmament of military groups, a land swap and the recognition of Israel’s Jewish nature.

Palestinians have already rejected the peace deal, calling it biased and unfair, a move that resurrected the memory of a famous saying coined by one of the country’s most celebrated diplomats, Abba Eban, who said that “Arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity”. 

Unfair Division?  

Throughout the years, Palestinians have been given a number of offers aimed at putting an end to hostilities in the region.

The first such offer was given to them in 1947, when the UN…

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