Gaza-Border Residents Go Back to ‘Abnormality’ as Hamas Resumes Attacks on Israel’s South

Although israel did retaliate, attacking several military targets of the Islamic group following their Sunday assault on the country’s southern communities, a local resident says the Israeli government is not doing enough to stabilise the situation.

After several weeks of relative quiet, three rockets emanating from the Gaza Strip were launched towards Israel’s southern communities and although no damage has been reported, that was enough to ruin the evening of local residents, who were caught off guard by the strikes. 

End of Tranquility 

This time around it exploded on Sunday evening when many families used the hot summer weather to splash in the swimming pool of Kfar Gaza.

Over the past two decades, israel has been facing a barrage of rockets emanating from Gaza. The first shelling occurred in 2001 and since then the number of rocket attacks has continued to climb and in 2019, a year that was not associated with any military operations in Gaza, Israel registered 1295 launches, many of which hit Israeli towns and cities.

The outbreak of the coronavirus in Israel, the Palestinian Authority and Gaza changed that equation, and there have been reports that Hamas didn’t want to escalate tensions, preferring to work hand in hand with Israel, which not only supplied Gaza with medical equipment but also trained local doctors in a bid to contain the spread of the disease.

No End in Sight?

Now that the attacks have resumed but the pandemic hasn’t disappeared, residents of…

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