NYT: Intelligence Officials Say There Is ‘Lack of Direct Evidence’ on Russia-Taliban ‘Collusion’


Despite the absence of evidence and waves of criticism from all sides regarding the media allegations that Russia offered bounties to the Taliban for killing American soldiers, some US officials continue to groundlessly demand sanctions on Moscow over the report.

The New York Times has released a fresh piece citing a newly-released memo by The National Intelligence Council, saying that the government “lacks direct evidence” on the Russian-Taliban “bounties” case.

The level of confidence that Russia did “collude” with the Taliban in order to offer rewards for killing US soldiers was described in the new memo as “medium”, which The New York Times added “falls short of near certainty”. Meanwhile, other agencies have expressed their confidence level to be even lower, saying they “did not have information to support that conclusion at the same level”.

Even after having admitted to not obtaining credible evidence of their allegations, the NYT report goes on to cite concerns voiced by several officials that the “assessment of the suspected Russian bounty programme could be politicised”.

The reported memo seems to corrode almost every “reason” behind the allegations ever provided by the media. There is no direct evidence about the contents of the purported “talks” between “GRU” officials and the Taliban, no surveillance is provided to back up the assertions that the criminal ringleader’s underlings told the…

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