Veteran Israeli Commando Reveals Details of ‘Risky’ IDF-Mossad Anti-Terrorist Operation

July 4th marks the 44th anniversary of Operation Entebbe conducted by Israeli commandos to release those on board an Air france flight from Tel Aviv to Paris that was hijacked by a group of Arab and German terrorists.

The Hindustan Times has quoted former Mossad agent Avner Avraham and ex-Israeli special forces officer Rami Sherman as focusing on the details of the Jewish state’s anti-terrorist operation in early July 1976 to release hostages on an Air france plane that was en route from Tel Aviv to Paris at the time.

Sherman, for his part, specifically centered on the developments after the jet with 248 passengers was hijacked by German and Arab terrorists and then diverted to an airport in Entebbe, Uganda, on 27 June 1976. The terrorists demanded the release of about 40 Palestinian and affiliated militants in exchange for the hostages.

Sherman referred to British-Israeli nurse Patricia Martel who was released by the hijackers when she deliberately cut herself, pretending to have a miscarriage, as the plane stopped in Benghazi, Libya to refuel.

He said that the news about “Germans with guns selecting Jews from a captive group evoked the Holocaust”. Some 148 non-Israeli hostages were eventually released by the hijackers.

Referring to the anti-terrorist operation, Sherman said that a key question was how the Israel Defence Forces (IDF)’s commandos “ensured” they would “surprise the terrorists” and “how we ensured we are the ones to shoot first”.

Avraham, for his…

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