Iran’s Health Ministry Fears COVID-19 Pandemic Could Last Over 1,000 More Days

One of the first countries in the world after China to be hit by the novel coronavirus pandemic, Iran has mobilized significant resources to fight the virus, setting up makeshift hospitals and ramping up the production and testing of medical equipment, while temporarily closing down (and then reopening) public places, stores and even mosques.

The coronavirus pandemic may continue to plague the planet for as much as three more years, believes Sima Sadat Lari, a spokeswoman for Iran’s health ministry.

Earlier Monday, the health ministry spokeswoman confirmed that Iran has just suffered its worst coronavirus-related fatality figure since April, with 162 people said to have died in the past twenty four hours. Previously, the largest death rate was reported on April 4, when 158 deaths were reported. At the same time, Lari indicated that health authorities have discovered 2,536 new cases over the past day, with 1,461 persons hospitalized. Over 3,000 people remain in intensive care, according to the official.

Iran has been reporting 100+ COVID-19 related deaths for over two weeks now, with a spike in fatalities first reported on June 14.

Iran’s coronavirus response has been hampered by US sanctions, with officials in Tehran repeatedly condemning the Trump administration for its refusal to lift its politicized restrictions even at the expense of the lives of ordinary Iranians. Washington has countered, claiming that the US was ready to help Iran, and accusing Tehran of…

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