Chinese Media Rate ‘King of Land Warfare’ Appearing at Moscow’s Victory Parade

This year, instead of the traditional May 9 Victory Day parade, Russia marked the anniversary of the triumph over Nazi Germany on June 24, on the 75th anniversary of the first parade dedicated to the occasion in 1945. For the event, nearly 14,000 troops and 225 pieces of military equipment were assembled, including some systems never seen before.

The June 24 Victory Parade showed off some of the new and upgraded weapons systems in Russia’s arsenal, including T-90M tanks, TOS-2 multiple launch rocket systems and modernized T80-BVM tanks, and the Chinese-language edition of the Global Times newspaper has taken note.

“The [T-90M] main battle tank, which is called the ‘king of land warfare’, has been the main protagonist of Victory Parades in recent years,” the newspaper noted, pointing to the tank’s “significantly improved combat effectiveness,” and ability to meet the operational requirements of the Russian Army with its 1130 horsepower diesel engine, next-gen reactive armour, new electronics and the tried and tested Shtora active defense system.

Along with the T-90M, the modernized T-80BVM similarly captured the attention of observers, according to Global Times, owing to its unique gas turbine engine, suitable for Arctic deployments thanks to its ability to start up in temperatures as low as -50 degrees Celsius. “The tank is also equipped with a new gunner sight, new gun control system, and an improved in-vehicle radio system,” the author…

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