‘Sounds Like Terrorist Threat’: Netizens Disgusted by BLM Leader’s Remark About Burning Country


This is not the first time that Hawk Newsome has made such a comment. Addressing demonstrators on 7 June during protests over the death of African-American man George Floyd, who died at the hands of a white police officer, he said: “Give black people their rights or we will burn this country to ashes”.

Social media users were left disgusted by a statement of the president of Greater New York Black Lives Matter (BLM) that was made during a recent interview on Fox News. Hawk Newsome spoke with host Martha MacCallum about the direction of the Black Lives Matter movement, which claims to be fighting against racial discrimination and violence towards African-Americans, and about the violent behaviour of some of the demonstrators. Newsome said that the riots and violent behaviour were the only way to make authorities pay attention to the discrimination and police brutality against African-Americans.

MacCallum also asked Newsome to comment on a remark he made earlier this month about burning the country to ashes. The president of Greater New York Black Lives Matter said the following:

Ron Coleman, a New York attorney and political commentator, said that Newsome’s statement proves that the intentions of Black Lives Matter are not peaceful.

Newsome’s statement caused uproar on social media, with people saying that such comments are equivalent to a terrorist threat.

​Others claimed that Newsome and Black Lives Matter want to start a racial…

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