Calls to List Antifa as Terrorist Organisation in Sweden in the Wake of Black Lives Matter Riots

US President Donald Trump has argued the violent Black Lives Matter rallies that blossomed across the country following the death of African American George Floyd in police custody and which include looting and pillaging, are being led by Antifa, and pledged to designate it as a terrorist organisation, making it illegal on American soil.

Sweden Democrat MP Björn Söder has in a written question to Interior Minister Mikael Damberg asked whether the Swedish government intends to list the radical left-wing organisation Antifa (AFA) as terrorists.

The Sweden Democrat politician pointed out that the Antifa network, whose overarching goal is to abolish the current social order in favour of a stateless and classless society, has a long history of threats, assassinations, and violence against its opponents.

“AFA’s actions have in many cases been violent, and the organisation has taken on the blame for, among other things, assassinations, mistreatment, and threats against actors who are seen as opponents. They believe that violence is a legitimate method to use to achieve their goals”, Söder wrote in his inquiry.

He pointed out that SÄPO, the Swedish Securty Police, have long established that AFA is one of the leading players in the left-wing extremist environment and poses a threat not only to democracy and its basic functions, but also individual people’s freedoms and rights.

In his inquiry, Söder referred to US President Donald Trump who previously announced that…

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