Key Takeaways From John Bolton’s Book: From Trump’s Plea to China to ‘Cool’ Invasion of Venezuela


The hotly discussed memoir of former US national security advisor John Bolton is soon to take over bookshops all across the United States. Some already published extracts have already grabbed the attention both of Donald Trump’s staunchest supporters and his fiercest critics.

Despite the Trump’s administration efforts to block the release of John Bolton’s upcoming memoir, the book will see the light of day on 23 June after US District Judge Royce Lamberth argued that there was effectively nothing he could do about the myriads of copies of “The Room Where It Happened” that have now been dispatched all over the country.

The Trump administration maintains that the book contains classified information and could potentially imperil American national security.

So what have been the key takeaways from such a damning work so far?

Trump’s Re-Election Plea to China

One of the most staggering claims made in the book is that Donald Trump once allegedly appealed to Chinese president Xi Jinping during a G20 meeting in Japan in 2019, purportedly asking him to help with his re-election bid through the purchase of American agricultural products.

The claim has, however, been dismissed by White House Trade Adviser Peter Navarro. The official argued during a recent interview with CNN that he was in the room during the presidents’ meeting and “never heard” such an issue being discussed.

Hassle Over NATO Budget


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