Norwegian Billionaire Inflames Twitter by Comparing Antifa to WWII Resistance Movement


US President Donald Trump has argued that the violent rallies across the US, which include violence, looting, and pillaging are being led by Antifa, and pledged to designate it as a terrorist organisation, making it illegal on US soil.

Norwegian industrialist Johan H. Andresen, the owner of the company Ferd and the head of the Norwegian Petroleum Fund’s ethics council has compared Antifa, a militant organisation which Donald Trump admittedly plans to designate as terrorists, to Milorg, the Norwegian resistance movement during World War II.

Andresen tweeted a 1945 photograph of a Milorg member receiving the capitulation of the Akershus fort in the Norwegian capital, describing it in modern terms as Antifa vs “fa”.

​His post has sparked numerous retweets and reactions, leaving the public incensed.

​“From what I read, it seems that Antifa is a violent organisation, not unlike a terrorist movement. Don’t think we should compare them to the resistance movement in World War II”, another one weighed in.

​“Comparing this violent left-wing mob of Antifa with Norwegian patriots and war heroes is bloody rude”, another angry reply said.

​“Getting a little silly comparing a disorganised mob of people who are willing to kick the heads of out people they assume are fascists, and an organised resistance movement that actually fought fascists”, yet another one chimed in.

​“Antifa is as…

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