Curfew and Cordons in Washington DC as George Floyd Riots Continue in Other US States – Video, Photo

Monday was a tough day for Washington DC, like dozens of other cities across the country, as the demonstrations and protests over the killing of George Floyd by a police officer marched on. In order to restore order President Donald Trump has decided to deploy “additional federal assets” in the nation’s capital.

Following Sunday’s outbreak of violent riots that included looting, arson, and vandalism over the murder of George Floyd at the hands of the police, a curfew was imposed in the US capital. In the wake of the riots US President Donald Trump decided to “mobilise all available federal resources – civilian and military – to stop the rioting and looting”. 

During a speech at the White House, Trump “strongly recommended” that every governor deploy the National Guard in numbers sufficient to “dominate the streets”.

He also warned that if a city or a state refuses to do so, he will deploy the US military and “solve the problem for them”.

Amid Trump’s announcement on maximising the federal security presence in the city, military cars were spotted in Washington DC and police forces cordoned off areas in the US capital in order to prevent further escalation.

​One of the actions undertaken by Trump in order to restore order was the deployment of the military police on the streets.

​Social media users have shared videos of military forces gathering in Washington DC, protecting monuments, sites, and cordoning off areas engulfed by the previous day’s riots.


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