‘NATO Roulette’: Norwegian Town ‘Forced’ to Receive Allied Nuclear Submarines Against Its Will

Following the sale of a decommissioned naval base, nuclear-powered allied submarines will call in at a municipal port in Arctic Norway, contrary to the wishes of locals.

Following the sale of the decommissioned naval base Olavsvern in Tromsø, northern Norway, the pressure from NATO has increased to obtain another point of arrival for nuclear-powered vessels than today’s only approved port in Norway, which is Bergen’s Haakonsvern in the western part of the country, national broadcaster NRK reported.

The Norwegian Armed Forces believe it will be safe for nuclear-powered vessels to call at the municipal port of Tønsnes in Grøtsund in Tromsø.

The spokesman for the Norwegian Armed Forces Operational Headquarters, Brynjar Stordal, said that the first vessels were originally to dock in Tromsø during the first half of this year, but were somewhat delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

“We have been given political instructions to prepare for the reception of these vessels. We have therefore had a collaboration with the municipality of Tromsø on this. We don’t meddle with the politics,” Stordal told the newspaper Klassekampen.

The municipality is bound by the Port Act, which implies a duty of reception for all types of war vessels. However, the local authorities are less than pleased about nuclear-powered port calls.

“This is not a good solution for us. We’d rather not see the port used for this purpose,” Jarle Heitmann, group leader of the Labour Party and…

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