‘Fungus of Division’: What’s Stopping the US From Relocating Its Nukes From Germany to Poland

What began as a Bundestag debate about the fate of US nuclear weapons on German soil soon turned into a discussion between the nuclear powers after the US ambassador to Poland suggested Warsaw could station the deadly arms in Poland. Moscow has warned that such a redeployment would be a direct violation of the Russia-NATO founding act.

The renewed Bundestag discussion about the fate of the 20-or-so tactical B61 nuclear bombs stationed at the Buchel Air Base in western Germany began in early May, after the Social Democrats (SPD), members of Chancellor Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union-led grand coalition, suggested that Berlin should avoid the stationing of US nuclear weapons on German soil in the future.

The debate began after Defence Minister and CDU leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer proposed upgrading Germany’s nuclear response capability by replacing the aging Tornado aircraft which would carry the weapons with Eurofighters and US F-18 Super Hornets. SPD leader Rolf Mutzenich responded by suggesting that nuclear weapons “do not heighten our security, just the opposite,” undermine it, and should be gotten rid of.

At the moment, the Luftwaffe has access to the bombs under NATO’s nuclear weapons sharing agreements, which authorize their use by German warplanes in the event of war.

‘Fungus of Division’

The debate about US nukes in Germany is nothing new, with the Green Party demanding the withdrawal of the weapons from the country going back to the 1980s….

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