Finnish Parliament to Reproach Ministries for Keeping Mum About NATO Cooperation Deal – Reports

It took Finnish MPs two years to find out about a secret agreement concerning strengthened defence cooperation with neighbouring Sweden and NATO. A senior MP has described it as thing that “should not be repeated”.

The Finnish Parliament’s foreign affairs and defence committees plan to voice their displeasure over key information about their country’s cooperation with Sweden and NATO being withheld from them, national broadcaster Yle reported.

The committee members claim they were kept in the dark about an agreement drawn up between Finland, Sweden and NATO in 2018 which boosted information exchange and dialogue in crisis situations, despite the fact that foreign and security policy matters, as well as military cooperation are within their respective committees’ jurisdiction.

According to the agreement, which in government circles has been referred to as an “arrangement”, Finland, Sweden and NATO can separately agree to increased information exchange and dialogue in times of crises, Yle reported. The country holding the information or the military alliance would be able to decide whether or not to share it.

However, despite the arrangement being agreed upon in 2018, neither committee found out about it until February of this year. According to Yle’s informed sources, its terms had never previously been disclosed to MPs and even the very existence of the arrangement had not been previously publicised. The arrangement was reportedly classified as “secret” by…

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