Behaviour Of Chinese Troops ‘Provocative And Disturbing’: US Backs India

There have been several instances of Chinese incursion by land and air near the Ladakh boundary


The US has backed India amidst a flare-up of boundary tensions with China with a top diplomat describing Beijing’s aggression as “not always rhetorical” and accusing it of continuing with its “provocative and disturbing behaviour” to try to shift the status quo.

Alice G Wells, the senior US diplomat for South and Central Asia, said China’s boundary tensions with India and Beijing’s increasing assertiveness in the contested South China Sea have some correlation.

“The flare-ups on the border, I think, are a reminder that Chinese aggression is not always just rhetorical. And so whether it’s on the South China Sea or whether it’s along the border with India we continue to see provocations and disturbing behaviour by China that raises questions about how China seeks to use its growing power,” Ms Wells, the outgoing head of the South and Central Asia bureau in the US State Department, told reporters in a conference call on Wednesday.

“There’s a method here to Chinese operations, and it is that constant aggression, the constant attempt to shift the norms, to shift what is the status quo. It has to be resisted,” the senior US diplomat told the Atlantic Council think tank at a separate event held on Wednesday.

She was responding to a question on the recent flare-up on the India-China Line of Actual Control.

Ms Wells retires from the State Department on May 22 after a…

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