Save The Day: Stormy Daniels Returns as Superhero in Her Own Comicbook Series After Trump Scandal


Stormy Daniels, a former US adult actress and stripper, claims to have had an affair with US President Donald Trump while the latter was married to his 3rd wife, Melania, at some point just prior to his 2016 election win. Daniels claims to have received hush money to remain silent about the assignation – something that Trump has denied.

Stormy Daniels, formerly an American adult film star and the heroine in the scandal surrounding an alleged affair with US President Donald Trump, has announced that she will become a superhero in her own comic book series named “Stormy Daniels: Space Force” to be published by TidalWave Productions.

The release of the graphic novel – that promises to be “a racy, comedy, action and adventure series” – is set for autumn. TidalWave detailed that the stylistic approach will mimic in part the classic 1960s-era science-fiction movie “Barbarella”, the iconic space saga “Star Trek” and adult cartoon “Stripperella” and will “inspire the dark humor”.

According to the publisher, Daniels will be the captain of a starship Helix, and her crew will consist of “capitalists at heart” who serve “a very stable genius” – a reference to Trump describing himself beginning from a series of his tweets in January 2018 and continuing to the NATO Summit and several other occasions.

She also teased an updated biographical comic book “Female Force: Stormy Daniels”, claiming that this, compared to a 2018 release under the same name,…

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