New Multi-beam Satellite Antenna to Fortify US Navy Ships’ Attack Clout

The US Navy has been pursuing a new Distributed Maritime Operations (DMO) concept, seeking to “redefine” its future force development and operations, increasingly integrating diverse autonomous unmanned vehicles and enhancing the real-time networking of surface, air and undersea assets.

Newly-patented beam-forming antenna technologies and circuits are touted as set to greatly enhance the US Navy’s capabilities via a recently- awarded Defense Innovation Unit “evaluation and development” contract with Isotropic Systems, writes Warrior Maven.

According to Isotropic CEO John Finney, the ambitious plan is to “fuse multi-band, multi-orbit commercial and military capacity to deliver intelligence data at the tactical edge over a single platform.”

​Over the past years, the US Navy has been pivoting towards boosting attack technology with a new generation of advanced weapons throughout the surface fleet, seeking to arm vessels for high-end warfare, as part of its emerging Distributed Maritime Operations (DMO) tactical attack strategy.

The concept presupposes improved targeting of enemy ships, as well as thr detection and interception of incoming ballistic missiles.

​One of the principal tenets of the DMO is fortifying offensive attack maneuver via advanced sensors dispersed across vast stretches of ocean, and arming the fleet with new generation long-range weapons.

Empowered Single Antenna Functionality

The new technology single, multi-beam…

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