Norwegian Forces in Iraq Warn of Daesh Build-Up Amid Covid-19 Crisis


Daesh terrorists remain mostly in agricultural areas and are not particularly exposed to or affected by the infection, plotting and executing new acts of terrorism using so-called “hit-and-run” tactics.

The Norwegian military forces in Iraq warn that Daesh* (ISIS/ISIL) terrorists are taking advantage of the challenges posed by the novel coronavirus and the group is in the process of rebuilding.

“It is a paradox that the virus that pacifies others has led to a boom for Daesh, with further terrorist attacks,” Colonel Lieutenant Stein Grongstad told the newspaper Verdens Gang.

The Norwegian Telemark battalion is stationed in Iraq to train Iraqi soldiers to deal with the terrorist threat. In recent months, they have been unable to have physical contact with the Iraqi military due to measures to stop the spread of the pandemic, whereas Daesh remain mostly in agricultural areas and are not particularly exposed to the infection.

Furthermore, prisoners have been released from prisons, including Daesh sympathisers. According to Verdens Gang, Daesh are getting new recruits from former convicts and opened refugee camps.

An Iraqi general emphasised that Daesh have dormant cells that carry out attacks before disappearing again and use the so-called “hit-and-run” strategy.

According to al-Khafagy, Daesh are “insignificantly small”, but base their activities on individual attacks.

“Daesh pose a threat even if the organisation is…

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