Hezbollah Chief Accuses IDF of Boasting About ‘Fictitious Victories’ Against Iran in Syria

Middle East

The Lebanese political and militant group leader’s remarks come in the wake of comments by Israel’s defence minister last week warning that Tel Aviv would not stop its operations in Syria until Iran and its proxies left the country.

Outgoing Israeli Defence Minister Naftali Bennett’s claims about Iran’s redeployment of forces away from the border with Syria or outside the country entirely due to Israeli military operations are a bald-faced lie, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah has claimed.

“There have been Iranian advisors in Syria since 2011, but there are no Iranian military forces there,” Nasrallah added.

Syria, the official said, has sufficient support from its allies not to require the constant presence of regular Iranian forces.

Nasrallah also indicated that recent Israeli attacks in Syria would not prompt Hezbollah to withdraw its forces from the country.

Nasrallah’s comments follow remarks by outgoing Israeli defence minister Naftali Bennett last week warning Iran that Tehran “has nothing to do in Syria” and that Israel “won’t stop” its operations in the country “before they leave Syria.”

Bennett accused Iran of “trying to establish itself on the border with Israel to threaten Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa,” but added that recent Israeli strikes have forced the Islamic Republic to have “somewhat lessened their activities. They have redeployed some of their…

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