Iran’s UN Envoy Says ‘No One Fooled’ by American Lies as Pompeo Accuses Tehran of Killings Abroad

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On Thursday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo alleged than Iran has been using ‘agents of terror’ disguised as diplomats in a string of assassinations and bomb plots across Europe. Pompeo made the claims in the wake of a report citing US intelligence alleging that Iranian intelligence had killed a dissident journalist in Turkey in November.

“The US administration’s Iran-bashing is limitless,” but “no one is fooled” by Washington’s latest attempt to spread “disinformation” against Iranian diplomats, Iranian Ambassador to the United Nations Majid Takht Ravanchi has tweeted.

According to the diplomat, the US was engaged in this anti-Iranian campaign “while the world focuses on cooperation to defeat #COVID-19 – and call[ing] on the US to lift its #economicterrorism” against his country.

Ravanchi’s message follows a tweet by Secretary of State Pompeo, who wrote Thursday that while “reports that Iranian diplomats were involved in an assassination of a dissident in Turkey are disturbing,” they are “fully consistent with their assignments.” Pompeo accused Iranian diplomats of serving as covert “agents of terror” who “have conducted multiple assassinations and bomb plots in Europe over the past decade.” The secretary of state did not elaborate on his claims.

Earlier, an unnamed ‘senior administration official’ told Reuters that the US believed that Iranian…

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