‘Shameless Opportunist’: Norwegian Princess’s Shaman Lover Lashed for ‘Predicting’ Pandemic


Durek Verrett, who previously claimed to have predicted the 9/11 terror attacks, said he had known in advance that the world would experience a major disaster in 2020.

US healer and self-proclaimed shaman Durek Verret, who is best known in Europe for dating Norwegian Princess Märtha Louise, has landed in hot water amid the coronavirus outbreak.

In a recent interview with the British breakfast programme The Morning, 45-year-old Verrett, who tours the globe as a spiritual guide and has numerous celebrities among his clients, claimed he had predicted the coronavirus pandemic in his own book Spirit Hacking, which came out last year.

Verrett referred to something that “in shamanism is called the blackout”, describing it as a “point in evolution, where we all have to come together and start dropping a lot of the superficial things we put our energy into”. Verrett ventured that this was the first stage, known as the “plague”.

In the book, “blackouts” are described as “key moments that require quantum leaps in evolution to ensure species’ survival”, which occur when “planetary states reach extreme levels of imbalance”. The word “virus” is mentioned four times, but never in the context of what the world is experiencing now. The words “pandemic” or “epidemic” are not mentioned at all. This led many to believe that Verret is using the crisis as an opportunity for self-promotion.

Norwegian literary critic and…

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