‘New Form of Coup d’Etat’: Venezuelan FM Blasts US For ‘Desperate’ Charges Against Maduro

The United States on Thursday charged Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro with “narco terrorism”, offering a $15 million reward for his arrest. The Trump administration ceased its recognition of Maduro as the legitimate president of Venezuela, following accusations of election fraud and human rights abuse.

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza said on Thursday that drug trafficking charges brought forward earlier in the day by the Trump administration against President Nicolas Maduro showed the “desperation” of the “Washington elite”.

Arreaza said that the White House decision to offer a reward for the capture of Maduro and other high-ranking officials for alleged drug trafficking and “narco-terrorism” prove the administration’s “obsession” with Venezuela, and point to Trump’s attempts to get better “electoral returns” in the state of Florida.

“The Bolivarian Republic of venezuela denounces that at a time when humanity is facing the fiercest of pandemics, the government of Donald Trump is again attacking the people of venezuela and its democratic institutions using a new form of coup d’etat, on the base of miserable, vulgar and unfounded accusations”, the foreign minister in a government statement.

In response to accusations that Venezuela is involved with leftist Colombian guerrilla group FARC to help export large shipments of cocaine into the United States and other countries, the foreign minister recalled Venezuela’s role in peace negotiations between the…

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