Despite Similarities, Pakistan Unlikely to Improve Ties With Israel Any Time Soon – Here’s Why

While the common threat of a “nuclear Iran” and the need for Israeli weapons has compelled some Muslim countries to change their attitude towards Israel, some nations are reluctant to rethink their hostile positions. One such country is Pakistan.

Speaking at an event set up by the Asian Society in New York City last October, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan stated that his country will stick to its position of not recognising Israel, rejecting earlier reports that Pakistan was moving in that direction.

But things could have been different. Created in the aftermath of World War II, the two countries have a lot of things in common. Firstly, both were carved from British-controlled territory for the establishment of religious states: Muslim Pakistan split from India and Jewish israel split from Trans-Jordan. israel was supposed to provide an answer to Jews seeking refugee from the atrocities of Nazi Germany, whereas Pakistan was meant to house India’s Muslim population, who wanted to depart following independence from the UK due to feelings of persecution.

Secondly, both countries have witnessed major wars with their neighbours and endless terrorism activity. And, lastly, both have had to absorb millions of immigrants coming from abroad.

The fact that the two states cooperated back in the 80s, sharing intelligence with each other in an attempt to curb the spread of the “Soviet threat,” could have pushed the two nations into each other’s arms. But Pakistan had a…

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