US-Israel Defence Pact Essential for Deterrence but Could it Also Tie the Jewish State’s Hands?

US-israel relations are excellent and need no extra boost in the form of a defence pact, believes one Israeli expert. Although it could contribute to Israel’s security and to regional stability, the agreement might also do more harm than good as it could damage the Jewish state’s image as a country that relies solely on itself for survival.

Addressing cheering crowds shortly after Israel’s exit polls projected a swift victory to his Likud party, Prime Minister Netanyahu promised he would continue to work towards the benefit of israel and its people.

“Here’s what we’re going to achieve: Applying sovereignty to the settlements, eliminating the Iranian threat, signing an alliance with the US…this is the mission,” he said in his victory speech on 3 March, referring to a potential defence pact with Washington.

Seeking Assistance?

Although nobody really knows what such an agreement might entail, reports suggest that the idea is to deepen the partnership with the US in an attempt to deter Iran, sending them a clear message that their activity in the region will not be tolerated.

Israel is concerned about Tehran’s nuclear programme, convinced that the Islamic Republic builds weapons of mass destruction that will eventually be directed at the Jewish state – allegations denied by Tehran. 

Tel Aviv also fears an attack from Iran or its proxy Hezbollah following the escalation of tensions caused by the assassination of one of Iran’s top commanders, Qasem Suleimani, by a US…

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