Chinese Ambassador Says Coronavirus Conspiracy ‘Was First Initiated in US’

Ambassador Cui Tiankai has emphasised the importance of suppressing rumours on the origins of COVID-19, noting it is up to scientists to map them. He busted the accusations of covering up data, suggesting Beijing couldn’t alert the world without first verifying the information.

Chinese Envoy to the United States Cui Tiankai stressed it is Washington that first started the coronavirus blame game, acknowledging it is “very harmful” for diplomats and journalists to speculate about the origins of COVID-19 as this is a mission for scientists, he told Axios in an interview. The script of it was posted on the website of the Chinese Embassy on 23 March.

Cui addressed multiple rumours and speculation regarding the spread of the virus, including that the virus was allegedly devised in a Chinese lab, suggesting the conspiracy “was first initiated [in the US]”.

The ambassador was asked about Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian’s assumption that the US Army might have intentionally brought the virus to Wuhan in October 2019. He hit back arguing he is no position to interpret Zhao’s words. He also reiterated that there should be no room for rumours, in a reference to an earlier, 9 February, interview, when he refuted Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas’ claims that the coronavirus could have been part of China’s biological warfare programme as “absolutely crazy”.

‘No Covering Up, but Identifying the Virus ’

Separately, Cui vehemently refuted accusations that…

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