Russia Sends Cargo Planes With Medical Equipment, Medics to Italy as Part of Coronavirus Fight

Moscow has offered to help Italy battle the pandemic since the European nation has been one of the hardest hit on the continent, reporting over 47,000 infected and some 5,986 dead, even more than in China.

The Russian military has sent seven planes carrying humanitarian assistance for Italy to help it fight the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Nine Russian military cargo planes in total will arrive in Italy over the next few days.

The aid was assembled on short notice after President Vladimir Putin called Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte to offer Russian aid to the European country, which the former gladly accepted.

Helping With Resources and Specialists

The Russian planes will be landing at the Pratica di Mare Air Base, just 30 kilometres from Rome, bringing tonnes of supplies useful for Italian patients and doctors. The cargo bays of the Il-76 (NATO reporting name: Candid) military cargo planes are loaded with personal protection suits, medical equipment needed for treatment, and mobile sanitising devices that will be used to clear public transport and streets of the dormant virus.

The help doesn’t stop there. Along with humanitarian aid, Moscow is also sending around 100 hundred specialists trained in treating virus infections and stopping pandemics. According to the Russian Ministry of Defence, these highly experienced experts worked to tackle Anthrax outbreaks and took part in developing a vaccine for the Ebola virus, which claimed the lives of over 11,000…

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