Royal Canadian Navy Update – Ongoing COVID-19 Response

One week since we began taking extraordinary measures to combat COVID-19, the health, safety and welfare of our Regular and Reserve Force sailors, civilian members of the defence team, and our families remains a top priority. It is a responsibility that we have always and will always carefully balance with the requirement to maintain readiness and to complete the tasks and missions assigned to the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF)/Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) by the Government of Canada (GC).

As you know, the situation regarding the impact of COVID-19 continues to evolve. Thank you all for being so agile in tracking and adhering to the evolving direction and guidance. Your alertness has allowed you to track that in response to direction received by DND/CAF, late last week, the RCN has taken several steps to mitigate the risk to the entire naval team while ensuring we remain steadfastly “Ready to Help, Ready to Lead, Ready to Fight.”

As you would expect, RCN leadership is actively engaged, monitoring the situation in collaboration with partners across the entire DND/CAF and GC. As a result, the RCN has provided amplifying direction and guidance to you, our naval family, and will continue to monitor and adjust our posture and the subsequent orders/info we provide as the situation evolves.

The RCN has and will continue to carefully review all of our commitments, including ceremonial and outreach events, both ashore and at sea. When appropriate, as you have seen, we will not…

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