Coronavirus Shuts Down Entire Nations But Won’t Halt UFO Buffs in Roswell

The city of Roswell, in New Mexico, gave name to perhaps the most famous UFO incident in history and to a festival for alien enthusiasts. With less than four months to go to the event, a much more serious non-human danger is about to bring public life in the country to a grinding halt.

The annual UFO fest in Roswell won’t be cancelled or postponed unless the authorities rule otherwise, organisers said as federal and local governments are taking unprecedented steps to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.

“We don’t have any plans at this time to postpone or cancel, but we will be relying on those governmental agencies to make that determination if it comes to that,” Mainstreet Roswell board member Molly Boyles has told a local TV station.

“We do still have some time, we’re still moving forward with all of our plans, with our vendors and our entertainment – so we’re looking forward to a great festival this year.”

Why is Rosewell linked with aliens?

In mid-1947, a mysterious object crashed on a ranch near the city, an event that came to be known as the Roswell UFO incident.

The Roswell Army Air Field said in a press release that the military had recovered the remains of a “flying disc” from the site, drawing extraordinary attention to the episode from the media and the public.

That report was quickly retracted, and the military said the object was merely a harmless high-altitude weather balloon. However, conspiracy theories have surrounded the…

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