Palestinian Issue and Public Opinion Hinder Revival of Morocco-Israel Ties – Activist

Middle East

Morocco enjoys strong economic and military ties with Israel, thinks the founder of the Israel-Morocco Friendship Association. But the road to full diplomatic relations is bogged down by the stalemate on the Palestinian front.

israel has been pushing the US to recognise Moroccan sovereignty over the disputed territory of Western Sahara in exchange for the establishment of full diplomatic ties between Morroco and the Jewish state, reports suggest.

If true, Morocco would be the third Muslim nation to establish ties with Tel Aviv over the past couple of years, following in the footsteps of other African states – Chad and Sudan.

Tight Cooperation

For Simon Skira, the founder of the Israel-Morocco Friendship Association, the establishment of ties makes perfect sense.

Once home to 250,000 Jews, most of whom left after World War II, the subsequent establishment of israel in 1948 and the riots that erupted shortly after, Morocco now houses a Jewish community that lists some 3,000 members. Most of them boast a strong connection to Israel.

“The Moroccan authorities know about their relations with Israel. They know about their trips to Israel but tend to turn a blind eye to this activity”, said Skira who also used to lead organised trips of Jews and Israelis to Morocco. 

Rabat established ties with Israel in 1993, following the signing of the Oslo Accords between the Palestinian Liberation Organisation and the…

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