Norway Imposes ‘Strictest Measures Since WWII’ to Quell Coronavirus Outbreak

The measures include the closure of all educational institutions from nurseries to universities, the cancellation of cultural and sporting events, a ban on serving food, and even travel restrictions for healthcare professionals.

In light of the coronavirus outbreak, the Norwegian government has introduced a set of preventive measures Prime Minister Erna Solberg called “the strictest and most invasive” imposed on Norwegians since World War II, national broadcaster NRK reported.

“We have gone from an outbreak to an epidemic”, said Doctor Camilla Stoltenberg, the head of Norway’s public health institute, the sister of NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and part of the Stoltenberg family, which has long held top positions in the Labour Party. She pinned the spread in Norway on traditional “skiing holidays” when schools are closed in late February and early March. Many spent the holidays in the Alps of Northern Italy, where the virus has become widespread.

The measures, effective for at least the next 14 days and likely to be extended, are aimed at containing the coronavirus outbreak.

All daycare centres, schools, colleges, universities, and other educational institutions will be closed. All cultural and sporting events, both outdoors and indoors, will be closed or cancelled. A ban on the serving of food, including buffet services at hotels and company canteens, is in place, with the exception of eateries where guests can be seated at least a metre from one…

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