Christian Liberty University President Claims COVID-19 Might Be Promised DPRK ‘Christmas Gift’ to US


Conspiracy theories have been widely disseminated online as the COVID-2019 pandemic continues it’s race across the world, with over 5,300 people dead from the contagious disease and 140,000 currently infected.

Jerry Falwell Jr., the president of Liberty University – a for-profit evangelical Christian educational facility – claims that North Korea and China plotted the COVID-19 outbreak in a bid to target POTUS.

“You remember the North Korean leader promised us a Christmas present for America? Back in December […] Could it be they got together with China and this is that present? I don’t know. But it really is something strange going on”, Falwell told Fox News.

Falwell alleged earlier that US-based media was doctoring coverage of COVID-2019 to create the impression of it being Trump’s fault.

In December 2019, North Korean leadership promised a “Christmas gift” – reportedly indicating a long-range missile launch – to the US unless the Trump administration reopened the stalled denuclearization talks. However, no action has been reported from Pyongyang.

North Korea – the nation that borders two coronavirus hotbeds, China and South Korea – has completely shut its land checkpoints and isolated foreigners as a means of attempting to prevent the dangerous viral pandemic from spreading. In early February, Pyongyang reportedly sent aid to Beijing to help in fight against the highly-contagious coronavirus outbreak.


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