Air travel in the times of coronavirus: Delhi to Goa, with hand sanitiser, mask and alcohol swabs

Written by Aaron Pereira
| New Delhi/panaji |

Updated: March 13, 2020 10:57:04 am

Airline crew, airport staffers and CISF personnel said there was a slight drop in passengers over the past week. (Express Photo by Aaron Pereira)

A flight home to Goa from Delhi, amid the coronavirus outbreak (3 cases in India when I booked, 73 when I boarded), had me thinking: was it worth the risk?

Given the 24×7 coronavirus outbreak updates and information I’ve been processing over the past few weeks, I decided to consciously map my route from the time I left for the airport, till I got home — almost six and a half hours later — and try and limit my interactions as much as possible.

Overdoing it? Not really. If you actually try, there’s much you can avoid… and the hand sanitiser comes in handy quite a bit.

Given how quickly the virus spreads, the effort the government has been taking to contain it, and the general panic being made out on family WhatsApp groups and social media, I expected to see a significant drop in passengers, masks on every other face and a bombardment of Coronavirus awareness standees and announcements asking passengers to step up on hygiene.

At the departure bay, as I got off my…

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