Erik Prince Enlisted Ex-Spies to Undermine Groups ‘Considered Hostile’ to President Trump – Report


Blackwater founder Erik Prince is currently under federal investigation for an alleged plot to weaponize crop-dusting planes, as part of a broader FBI probe into his other activities.

Erik Prince, founder of the military contracting firm Academi LLC (formerly Blackwater), recruited US and British ex-spies to collaborate with conservative investigative journalist group Project Veritas to infiltrate various Democratic organizations “considered hostile” to President Donald Trump’s agenda, according to a New York Times report on Saturday.

Citing obtained interviews and documents, including internal Project Veritas emails, the publication alleges that one such individual, an ex-MI6 officer named Richard Seddon, was instrumental in overseeing a 2017 operation to clandestinely copy files and record conversations in the Michigan office of the American Federation of Teachers.

Seddon is claimed to have instructed an undercover operative to tape the union’s local leaders in a bid to garner potentially incriminating evidence against the organization.

According to the outlet, the Project Veritas operative was Liberty University graduate Marisa Jorge, with emails purportedly showing O’Keefe and Seddon using the code name “LibertyU” for Jorge when discussing the operation.

The following year the same undercover operative is alleged to have infiltrated the congressional campaign of a former CIA officer Abigail Spanberger, who subsequently won a House seat in…

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