Watch Thousands of Australian Camels Evacuated Out of Libyan Capital Under Cover of Night


The long-running conflict between the two competing governments in Libya continued to escalate this week, with the Libyan National Army (LNA) shelling Tripoli’s port and airport infrastructure and demanding that Turkey immediately end its growing involvement in the conflict.

Some 3,000 Australian camels have been evacuated out of Libya’s largest city under cover of night after the port they were being held at was subjected to LNA artillery fire, Reuters has reported, citing a local merchant.

Video footage of the scene shows a seemingly endless herd of the dromedaries being walked out of the Government of National Accord (GNA) capital, with the camels taken west to the city of Zawiya, some 45 km outside Tripoli.

Security forces established roadblocks to ensure the camels’ safe passage. However, according to the vendor, about 125 of the animals were stolen by a local militia along the way.

The camels were reportedly bought at bargain prices from Australia by a Zawiya businessman. According to Reuters, the camels were originally meant to be transported to the western city in trucks. However, LNA forces’ shelling of Tripoli’s port and airport infrastructure this week forced a hasty change of plans Wednesday night.

Australia’s feral camel population became a major problem for the country in recent months due to the unusually hot temperatures caused by intense bushfires, with the animals making their…

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