Russian Su-24 Planes Strike Pro-Turkish Terrorists, Allowing Syrian Army to Repel Attacks

Middle East

According to the Russian Reconciliation Centre for Syria, pro-Turkish militants, with the support of the Turkish artillery, broke through the defences of the Syrian army in the areas of Qminas and Nayrab.

Russian Su-24 aircraft have conducted airstrikes against pro-Turkish terrorists, which allowed the Syrian troops to repel all attacks successfully, the Russian Reconciliation Centre for Syria said in a statement.

“The Syrian troops destroyed one tank, six infantry fighting vehicles and five pickup trucks containing large-calibre weapons”, the message said.

The Centre also added that four Syrian servicemen were injured by Turkish artillery. The organisation went on to say that Turkey halted shelling against Syrian government troops as soon as Russia notified Ankara that it had detected the Turkish artillery fire.

“This is not the first time that the Turkish armed forces support the militants. In order to prevent incidents, we urge the Turkish side to stop supporting the actions of terrorists and transferring weapons to them”, the centre emphasised.

In the meantime, the Turkish Defence Ministry reported that two Turkish servicemen were killed, while five others were injured in an air attack in Syria’s Idlib.

The ministry added that over 50 Syrian ‘regime elements’ were destroyed, including five tanks, two armoured personnel carriers, two armed pickups and a Howitzer.

Meanwhile, the Turkish Defence…

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