Has Germany done enough against far-right violence?

The shooting dead of nine people in shisha bars in Hanau is being treated by German investigators as an act of far-right terrorism.

The attack has shocked Germany and added to fears that police may still be missing vital clues about violent racists and their networks, despite previous far-right outrages.

The ability of violent racists to remain for long periods below the police radar was exposed in the National Socialist Underground (NSU) case. A neo-Nazi cell murdered 10 people, nine of them immigrants, between 2000 and 2007, while police failed to connect the attacks.

The NSU case was a wake-up call for the authorities, whose anti-terrorism efforts had been focused on the threat from violent Islamists.

But some now accuse the authorities of still underestimating the far-right terror threat.

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The suspected Hanau gunman has been identified by local media as Tobias R

The Hanau suspect has been named as Tobias R. The 43-year-old has been described as a lone gunman, and was found dead later at home next to his dead mother. He was a licensed gun owner and had not been under investigation previously.

The attack has reignited a debate in…

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