Israel, Not Russia, is Meddling in America’s Elections – Ex-CIA Spook


President Trump’s opponents spent over three years accusing the president of being a Kremlin agent, with the Russiagate narrative collapsing in April 2019 after the release of a 400 page+ report by special counsel Robert Mueller.

Israel, not Russia, is the real meddler in America’s elections, former US counter-terrorism specialist and CIA military intelligence officer-turned political commentator Philip Giraldi has claimed.

In a recent op-ed published in Unz Review regarding voting irregularities in the Democratic Party’s recent Iowa Caucus, Giraldi recalled the long history of Democratic Party claims about ‘Russian meddling’ in the 2016 election, while noting that “its actual impact on the 2016 election outcome was less than negligible.”

However, in Iowa, the commentator suggested, Israel, not Russia, “may just turn out to be part of last week’s story of the astonishingly inept Democratic Party Caucus.”

Citing investigative reporting by the Grey Zone Project on the faulty app which experienced problems and ended up delaying reporting of caucus results for almost a week, Giraldi suggested that “it now appears that the app might be part of an operation being funded by [pro-Israeli] billionaires with close ties to Israeli settler groups who are opposed to Senator Bernie Sanders and supporting Mayor Pet Buttigieg.”

“Indeed, israel has been involved in American politics before, even if it is…

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