Turkey’s ‘Irresponsible Statements’ About Shelling of Syrian Army Escalates Tensions – Russian MoD

Middle East

Earlier, the Turkish military announced that it had ‘neutralized’ 63 more Syrian troops in Idlib province, with the two countries getting into a shooting war this week after the shelling of a Turkish observation post on Monday.

The Russian military has refuted the Turkish military’s claims about the deaths of dozens of Syrian troops in Idlib, saying that Turkey’s “irresponsible statements” can only lead to an escalation of the situation and to hastily-made decisions.

“The [Russian] Center for the Reconcilliation of the warring parties draws attention to the responsibility of officials from the Turkish ministry of defence for providing false information to the country’s leadership in the Idlib de-escalation zone,” the MoD-affiliated Center said in a statement Friday.

“Such irresponsible statements only contribute to the escalation of the situation and to the taking of hasty decisions which do not meet the mutual interests of Russia and Turkey,” the Centre warned.

Earlier in the day, the Turkish military reported on the ‘neutralization’ of 63 Syrian troops. Before that, Ankara reported on the elimination of 101 personnel in attacks on 115 Syrian Army targets in response to Monday’s attack on a Turkish observation post in Idlib which killed several Turkish troops.

“Such statements about the ‘shelling’ of Syrian government forces by units of the Turkish Armed Forces, and moreover, about the deaths of Syrian…

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