Norwegian Intelligence Chief Sees Threat From Russia’s New ‘Superweapons’

According to Norwegian Intelligence Service boss Morten Haga Lunde, the Kinzhal, one of Russia’s new missiles, can potentially strike a target in Norway with 40 minutes’ warning time.

Focus 2020, an assessment of security challenges facing Norway prepared by the Norwegian Intelligence Service (E-Tjenesten), has singled out Russia and China as the major factors influencing the current threat picture and Norwegian interests.

“Russian and Chinese intelligence services intervene in all sectors of society in these countries. This is not a transitional phase”, E-Tjenesten’s chief Lieutenant General Morten Haga Lunde said, as quoted by national broadcaster NRK, claiming that despite their differences both Russia and China were moving in a more “authoritarian” direction.

Lunde pointed out that Russia has strengthened the base structure of the Kola Peninsula and the northern part of the Barents Sea. Among other things, Lunde stressed that Russia is holding military exercises, such as “Ocean Shield”, and developing increasingly sophisticated weapons systems, such as the Avangard, which Vladimir Putin described as capable of rendering US defence systems ineffective.

In its report, E-Tjenesten indicated that Russian President Vladimir Putin presented six new weapons systems in his annual speech to the nation in 2018, including the intercontinental missile RS-28 Sarmat, which is referred to as the world’s largest nuclear missile.

“Several of these have special…

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