FBI Reportedly on Course to Zero in on “Abortion Violent Extremism’


The US agency has long set itself a goal to slightly revamp its domestic terrorism focus and add a new priority to their policies – that is purportedly to stand guard for pro-life proponents’ security, among other things.

Testifying before the House Judiciary Committee last week, FBI Director Christopher Wray revealed that the bureau has recently “changed our terminology as part of a broader reorganisation of the way in which we categorise our domestic terrorism efforts”, reported the Daily Beast.

The revamp is understood to be part of a much-awaited reinvigoration of the agency’s domestic terrorism vector at large, in the wake of a spate of what has been classified as “white-supremacist terrorism acts.”

According to Wray, among four broad categories of domestic terrorism that the FBI is dealing with is “abortion violent extremism”.

Wray wasn’t only talking about pro-life extremism, but also, as he put it, “people on either side of that issue who commit violence on behalf of different views on that topic”.

“Well, we’ve actually had a variety of kinds of violence under that, believe it or not. But at the end of the day”, Wray went on, responding to his questioner Rep. Karen Bass (D-CA)’s interjection that “people on either side of that issue don’t commit violence”.

Wray then shifted the topic and moved on to lay out the FBI’s next prioritised domestic-terrorism category –  one about “animal…

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