Canadian Military Reportedly Pushing Ottawa to Ban Huawei From Country’s 5G Networks


The US has long been pressuring its allies, including Canada, to ban the China-based tech giant from the construction of the high-speed networks, claiming that Huawei’s equipment would render them vulnerable to Chinese hackers. So far, only a few American allies have actually banned the company from their 5G networks.

The Canadian military is trying to convince the government to ban equipment from China’s Huawei from 5G networks in the country, The Globe and Mail reported, citing an anonymous senior Canadian official. The military reportedly believes that the Chinese tech giant’s participation in the construction of such networks would threaten national security.

The push comes amid ongoing discussions between the military and national security agencies on the one side, and the country’s Department of Innovation on the other as to whether or not the Chinese tech company’s telecommunications equipment should be allowed into the country’s 5G networks or prohibited, like the US demands. If Ottawa chooses to ban the company, it could lead to some telecommunications firms removing previously acquired Huawei equipment and replacing it with analogues provided by other vendors, and thereby lose money.

Previously, the US threatened its allies, specifically the members of the Five Eyes alliance, that it would cut intelligence sharing if they don’t ban Huawei from their 5G networks. Two members of the group, Australia and New Zealand, have agreed to…

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