American Dream? Rouhani Says US Has Been Aspiring to Return to Iran For 41 Years

Middle East

Iran marked on Tuesday the 41st anniversary of the Islamic Revolution of 1979 that saw the end of monarchic rule of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahvali in the country and the establishment of the modern Islamic Republic of Iran.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said, while addressing mass annual processions of the 41st anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in Tehran on Tuesday, that the United States has been aspiring to return to Iran for 41 years, according to Mehrnews.

The president said that it’s normal that the US do not tolerate the Islamic Revolution “because it knows Iran’s great power in the West Asian region”.

US says we must return to 41 years ago but we say we don’t do so …  therefore, we see hostility of US has emerged during the past 41 years in various forms,” the leader said, arguing that Americans wanted to preserve the monarchy in Iran regardless to the choice of the Iranian people.

Rouhani added that the US is exercising “much pressure” on the Iranian nation by targeting all the country’s import, export and basic needs to “take away people’s patience” and to “bring the Iranian nation to its knees”.

“What is miscalculation is that the Americans have not understood the position and greatness of the Iranian nation. Americans thought that they are facing 41 years of civilization; no, they are facing thousands of years of civilization; the Iranian and Islamic…

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