British Jihadi Teacher Who Attempted to Go to Syria Freed From Prison on Early Release


The issue of early releases for those facing terrorism charges has stirred a great deal of controversy in Britain, particularly since Sudesh Amman went on a stabbing rampage in Streatham last week, killing two people, before being shot dead by police.

A radicalised chemistry teacher who was locked away in prison for planning to join Daesh* in Syria is back on the streets of Britain after serving just two-thirds of his sentence, according to media reports.

30-year-old Jamshed Javeed was locked behind bars in March 2015 and sentenced to six-to-nine years for both helping his younger brother join Daesh as a suicide bomber and for trying to flee from Manchester to join the terrorist group himself.

Mr Javeed was prevented from going to Daesh’s so-called ‘Caliphate’ by his parents, who hid his passport and confronted him over his plans after discovering that he intended to go to Syria.

In an acrimonious argument, that was allegedly recorded by Mr Javeed’s sister on her phone, the concerned parents can be heard accusing the 30 year old of being “brainwashed” and contributing to the death of his own brother by encouraging him to go to Syria.

“Yeah, it’s my fault, totally my fault – I encouraged him,” Javeed reportedly says in the recording.

“Mohammed did the right thing,” he adds, referring to his brother’s decision to go to Syria.

According to reports, Mr Javeed’s father can be heard shouting to his son in the video, “you…

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