‘Serious and Unusual’: Two Armoured Vehicles Hijacked From Swedish Military

According to experts, the $210,000 vehicles are loaded with specialised equipment and heavy protective plating, and could benefit a foreign power or be used in robberies.

Two armoured military vehicles have disappeared from one of the Swedish Armed Forces’ warehouses in Enköping, national broadcaster SVT reported. A national alarm has been issued to find them.

Both of the hijacked trucks are Terrängbil 16s, also known as Galten (“Boar”), and are considered state-of-the-art. The four-wheel drive vehicle is mainly used to transport troops. At SEK 2 million ($210,000) apiece, the vehicles can also be equipped with several types of assault weapons and a grenade launcher. No ammunition, explosives or any weapons were reportedly kept in the trucks at the time of the theft.

“This is serious and unusual, to steal this type of vehicle”, Defence press secretary Jesper Tengroth told SVT.

According to the Armed Forces, the theft must have happened sometime between 4-5 February.

“A foreign power can benefit from them if there is sensitive equipment. Otherwise, they can be used, for instance, in robberies. These are armoured vehicles and there are few weapons that can stop them,” writer and military expert Lars Wilderäng told SVT.

Due to the national alert, the police and all other authorities have been informed of the incident, which has been classified as gross theft.

“These are very valuable vehicles that the Armed Forces want back. A national alarm is like a…

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