Hong Kong Deploys Officials, Volunteers to Enforce Coronavirus Quarantine Rule

The Hong Kong government on Friday announced that an army of officials and volunteers would be conducting spot checks to ensure that any people arriving from mainland China undergo the 14-day, compulsory quarantine instituted by the government amid the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Starting Saturday, all people arriving in Hong Kong from mainland China must undergo a 14-day, compulsory quarantine. Anyone who does not abide by the rule could face up to six months in jail and a $3,200 fine. Officials hope that the new measures will prevent people from mainland China from entering Hong Kong during the viral outbreak, AFP reported.

Hong Kong residents who come in from mainland China can self-quarantine themselves at home, while any international or other visitors can self-quarantine at hotels or wherever else they have arranged to stay, Hong Kong officials noted.

“If they cannot arrange accommodation, they will be taken to the temporary facilities prepared by the government,” Hong Kong Health Secretary Sophia Chan is quoted as saying by AFP. 

Those who have been to mainland China in the last two weeks and then travel to Hong Kong from any location must also abide by the quarantine measures. In addition, volunteers and officials will carry out spot checks and make daily phone calls to ensure that people are self-quarantining. 

“We will be stopping a lot of people with the new measures,” Security Minister John Lee is quoted as saying by AFP.

In recent days, Hong Kong…

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