‘Final Round’ marks an end to 37 years of service

By Lt(N) Andrew McLaughlin, Public Affairs Officer, 31 Canadian Brigade Group, and Corporal Cody Misner, The Grey & Simcoe Foresters.

Meaford, Ontario — On a brisk October afternoon, Major (Retired) Greg Frank loaded a C3 105 mm Howitzer. It was a task he had completed literally thousands of times over his 37-year career in the Canadian Army Reserve but this would be different: it was the last round he would ever fire.

Maj (Retd) Frank had witnessed other such ceremonies to mark the end of a Gunner’s career before, and understood the significance of that ‘final round.’

Maj (Retd) Frank enlisted in the Canadian Army in 1978 as a private with 11th Field Artillery Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery (RCA), a unit of storied history with batteries in Guelph and Hamilton, Ontario.

The unit originated in Guelph in 1880, when the 1st Provisional Brigade of Field Artillery was authorized to be formed. Maj (Retd) Frank was 17 years old when friends convinced him that the excitement and opportunity offered by joining the Army Reserve were for him. And besides, he could use the extra money and liked working as part of a team.

After a few years working his way up the Non-Commissioned Member ranks, Maj (Retd) Frank made the jump to Officer in 1982, and completed a degree in engineering at the University of Guelph. In 1987 he left the Army to pursue a business career, but returned to the 11th Field Regiment in 1992.

He made it all the way to the rank of Major by 2002 while…

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