Swedish Police Under Fire for Helping Revealed Daesh Recruiter Flee From Journo’s Questions


Many Swedes found the instance, where police assisted a dangerous Daesh associate, “embarrassing and indefensible”.

Ulrika Pape, the mother-in-law of notorious Daesh* terrorist Michael Skråmo, now dead, has been revealed by Expressen newspaper as still active in jihadist milieus and that he functions as a recruiter, fundraiser and accessory. When confronted by a journalist in the street, Pape received help from a surprising source: the police.

According to Expressen, Ulrika Pape, who is also known by the moniker of Umm Hamza, converted to Islam in 2007 and went to Syria as a Daesh recruiter. In 2015, she returned to Sweden, but was never arrested.

Expressen got in touch with her via a closed Facebook group called Fisabilillah (“for Allah’s sake”). There, Pape, using yet another moniker, raised funds for Daesh terrorists imprisoned in Syria. Expressen’s journalists then tricked Pape into believing they would like to contribute thousands of kronor and arranged a meeting in the city of Örebro via the encrypted Telegram app. Pape claimed to have contacts with people who can help smuggle the detainees out of the prison camp.

When a week later, Expressen’s reporter met Pape in person in central Örebro, she was dressed in a black niqab. Realising that it was a journalist, she denied everything. “I don’t know what you’re talking about”, Pape said.

When confronted by reporter David Baas with further questions, Ulrika Pape turned to a…

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