Former Obama Official Reportedly Quits Israel Spyware Firm as She Blamed for Targeting Jornos


Juliette Kayyem previously came under fire after she was hired by The Washington Post where late Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi also worked. She eventually resigned from the newspaper after she was criticised on Twitter over her relationship with an Israeli spyware company.

Former Obama administration official Juliette Kayyem resigned as an adviser to the Israeli cyber spyware firm NSO Group in 2019 after a controversy over her role in the company, the Guardian reported on Tuesday.

“Juliette played an important role advising NSO on its governance framework, and we’re grateful for her leadership and experience during her time as senior adviser”, the newspaper cited a company statement as saying.

Kayyem, who worked as top official in the US Department of Homeland Security, was also a professor at Harvard University in Massachusetts.  

She came under fire on Monday after rights groups voiced protest against the university’s move to appoint her a host of an online seminar, prompting Harvard to cancel the event which was due to focus on the safety of female journalists.

The cancellation followed officials from the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) slamming Kayyem’s work for the NSO Group which is accused of using technology to target journalists and human rights campaigners.

The group is vehemently rejects the accusations, claiming that it only sells its spyware to fight crime and terror.


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