Erdogan Threatens Response to Syrian Gov’t Troops if They Fail to Exit From Turkish Posts in Idlib

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On Monday, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan described the current developments in the Syrian province of Idlib as “unmanageable”, adding that about one million refugees from the province have started moving north, towards the Turkish border.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Wednesday that agreements related to Syria’s Idlib and the East of the Euphrates do not work.

He warned that Turkey will respond to the Syrian Army’s possible failure to withdraw its troops behind the line of Turkish observation post by the end of this month.

“At the moment, two of our 12 observation posts are behind the regime’s lines. We hope the regime will withdraw from our observation posts before the end of the month of February. If the regime does not pull back, Turkey will be obliged to take matters into its own hands,” Erdogan warned.

Erdogan added that his recent phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin had been constructive, and that they had agreed that the military forces of Russia and Turkey would remain in contact.

Putin, Erdogan Discuss Situation in Idlib

The statement comes after Putin and Erdogan spoke via telephone on Tuesday to discuss the recent attack on the Turkish military in Idlib province, as well as the situation in Libya and bilateral relations.

According to the Turkish president, the attack on Turkish servicemen, “who had been deployed to the region to prevent conflicts…

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  1. Well Turkey can see now how well Russia can be trusted. It’s simple Syria wants these Syrian people pushed into Turkey so Turkey can take care of them.


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